What’s a Lightroom preset ?

21 January 2021

First of all, I warn you that my Laurelene Gervasi presets are not for sale.

A Lightroom preset is like an Instagram filter, or literally a pre-setup.

You can create a preset on a software called Adobe Lightroom.

On Lightroom, we have the possibility to modify a set of predefined parameters. We can save these different settings and therefore create our own Preset.

The presets include among others white balance, contrast of your image, vignetting, tone curve, etc. …

When you decide to choose a photographer, you are drawn to their way of capturing the moment, but also to their colorimetric style.

The colorimetry of a photographer is completely unique, it has been worked on for years and it also allows to define the style of the professional.

Below is the result of my own presets.