The most beautiful meeting

Accomplice of your best moments of life, I follow you on the most special day of your life.

This day, you have imagined it again and again. And that's it, we are there.

Capturing the moments that matter to you is so inspiring. I like images that create feelings, those that reflect sincerity. The one’s that are heartfelt. The one’s that draw more than just your memory back to a moment.

These creations will become precious family legacies. You will show them to your children, your grandchildren, etc. These photographs are so precious.

An engagement

No more posed and conventional photos! I want to offer you fragments of sensitive, spontaneous and alive moments.

I promise to follow you before, during and after your wedding. I wish to be present, to advise you, to laugh with you. It is essential that you choose me from your heart, that you trust me.

My photographic style is to tell something. It talks about your story. About your Love.