Wedding steps

Congratulations !!

To help you in the choice of one of my three packages, I offer an overview of a wedding through my photographic eye. What events do you want to keep in mind?

Of course, if it were up to me, I would advise you to book a photographer until the end of the reception !! The most moving speeches, the first dance … The photographs are so authentic memories that you will keep throughout your life… A wedding is very expensive and immortalized by a professional who has the right equipment, but most importantly, the experience, seems to be a deserved investment.

Thanks to my experience, I give you advice to optimize the organisation of your wedding. I will guide you and help you to choose the places and times for your different photo sessions. I leave nothing to chance, and you fill out a roadmap to know precisely, in addition to schedules and addresses, the type of photographs you want to get for each event of the day. Thus, we will determine a set of specifications together.

The preparation of the bride and groom

I particularly like this time of preparation. When the couple gets ready, separately or together, often surrounded by family and friends. Despite what you think, it’s not just the dress and the costume that are important to take pictures of. There are other precious details that define fragments of essential memories. They include your engagement rings, wedding rings, papers (Save the date, Menu, …), the bouquet of flowers, as well as the shoes. This early morning lets you get used to my presence. I would put you at ease and make me discreet, do not worry !

French destination wedding photographer Rhône alpes

Couple’s photographs

For weeks, you’ve searched for THE wedding dress that suits you the best, a hairstyle and a make up. You will be on the top of everything, so it’s natural to offer you some photos that you will keep preciously. If you are wondering when to make these photographs and what are the prices of my services, I can tell you more by e-mail (Contact section) in order to help you to build this special day together.

French destination wedding photographer Rhône alpes


Wedding photographs are above all a Tradition. This is the main reason for my dedication to this job: what we create together will continue throughout your generations. These creations will become precious family legacies. You will probably not remember my name (so difficult, by the way), but something I have shaped will be cherished long after I leave, and that’s so enough for me.

French destination wedding photographer Rhône alpes

Group photographs

This stage of the day could seem long, but do not panic! All you need to do is make a list as described in the Guide for my clients (provided when the contract is signed). It only takes 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the number of guests, and presto, it’s in your pocket! The must-have: select a person who will be in charge of calling the different groups using a microphone (or a big voice). I even have an extra tip if you want to have a picture of everyone in heart shape, taken from high!

French destination wedding photographer Rhône alpes

Cocktails !

The cocktail hour has several functions. This is a special moment in which I allow myself to photograph the theme and the universe of your wedding in general with emotions and elegance. That is: the reception area, floral decorations, DIY / handmade creations, and many other small details. I also sneak through the tasting groups a glass of champagne or appetizers (or both!). This can be funny photographs that you can print to thank your guests for being present during your day. And of course … This is the moment of the famous “bridal bouquet throwing” or the game ribbons -which is an alternative-!

French destination wedding photographer Rhône alpes

The reception

Last step, and not least: the reception! You have decorated an entire room and the result is spectacular. You will be happy to immortalize the details. During the meal, it is not uncommon for witnesses or guests to enliven the evening with games, quizzes, but also with moving and precious speeches. For photographs full of emotion and tenderness. There is also the first dance that participates greatly. It’s a unique moment. In the late evening, you will cut the beautiful cake. And finally, it’s time to dance on the dance floor and have fun! To laugh, to feel the good mood, … and make a funny face ! CLICK!

French destination wedding photographer Rhône alpes
French destination wedding photographer Rhône alpes